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 I have a big problem with a casino called redbet they are a legit casino they are the same company as winning room casino and I know slotplayer and Jimbo play on winning room, and the bandit plays on redbet, but getting back to the point I made a £150 deposit on redbet on the 16th of july, with that deposit has been some winnings but I misplaced my debit card so had to have it stopped and get a replacement through the post, with regards to redbet and the withdrawal they said that they have to process a withdrawal back to the same card but because the card is no longer in use now as I got the replacement card yesterday via post I had to send them the copies of the old card which I had already and copies of the replacement aswel rebet refuses to pay me I even made a new deposit to with a different card withdrew to that they still will not accept it, I asked them what if I deposited the replacement card they said no they are quite sure it has to go back to this card I deposited the £150 with but its no longer showing on my redbet account on my withdrawal list to choose that card to withdraw to, and now to makes things difficult for me they insist I go to my Halifax bank and ask them for proof of replacement card now but I know that there isn't such document because I rang Halifax up and explained this to them and Halifax basically said its not something the bank does we have never heard of that before.. what can I do? I am at the end of my tether with them, since the 30th of july ive been trying to withdraw my 1k   

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Im unable to do that also as i actually removed the card from my list on my  redbet account i just thought it would be alright if i made a new deposit using the new replacement card and withdraw it back to that but they said its unacceptable they wont allow me to do a bank transfer to the same bank account either, i even asked them to ask the payments team to manually process the funds back to the old card as although im unable to see it on my side but its still showing on their system as active but i was told by the payments team that they also can not do that either, the funds are still on my redbet cash balance and appears to be stuck as there is no other way of me receiving the withdrawal, redbet says in order to process the withdrawal back to the replacement card i have to ask my bank to hand me over a document that says that the old card has been replaced and it has to be signed and stamped by the bank but the bank told me that there is no such document and therefor this can not be issued only a bank statement only, i was told that once a card has been stopped and a replacement card gets sent out to me that old card gets deleted on the banks system anyway and updates it as the current one.  

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2 hours ago, burhan.k said:

Just withdraw using the old card.

Any incoming payments up to six months will still reach your account.

Is the balance still in your redbet account or have they confiscated it?

cant withdraw back to that card because i removed it days ago i didnt think i needed it to be on there anymroe as it was no longer in use so i thought that making a new deposit with the replacement card would of been ok but according to redbet it is not allowed  

2 hours ago, Andreas said:

As burhan.k said - I think you should try withdrawing to the old card as that is usually possible to do for quite some time.

I've messaged a rep on Redbet from my end. Will update if she is able to help.

Thank you Andreas much appreciated ❤️ 

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I was about to say go on https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/redbet-casino-casino-review/complaints

but I already seen your thread there. 

The casinos have the by all means to ask you for old copies of cards at any time, if you fail to deliver proof of them cards, you then will have to show bank statements of deposits to that specific website & time/date etc etc.

if you deposit on 1 card you must withdraw to the same card you deposited with which is pretty much standard on any casino site.

I recommend using a E-wallet such as Skrill way less hassle. than trying to get a stupid card verified. I use skrill on 95% of my deposits and never ever had an issue.

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