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300 Shields 3246x 4 month ago ----4207x 1 week ago


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Yeah...I dont know why this game paid me so fcn insane because i never really played it that much.

Those are my biggest wins ever...

Was about to share my first win 4 month ago here aswell, but there were some issues withdrawing the money because after finishing the wager I played a few spins over 5€ and the support diddnt get that somehow.

However after trying to explain it to them several times they finally admitted a mistake and i got the money -3.000€


no issues withdrawing on the 2nd one. Cashed out 3.000€ there aswell during there was a lot of wager left unfortunanlly after the win, but ofc. overall I am still more than happy with that. 

300 shields 3246x.jpg

300 shields 4207x.jpg

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@Exmachine awesome wins. Thanks for posting them up. 300 shields with that x300 multiplier has paid some massive wins through time. 

3246 euro from a 1 euro stake and 4206 euro from a 1 euro stake. Just brilliant.  Just your 1 St post on casino grounds and a belter at that. Beautiful. 

Big congrats on both wins and enjoy your winnings. ??

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