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Donuts 138x multiplier. Slot of the year? Multiple 1000x+ wins


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I didn't much like this at first, but hot damn this is one crazy slot.  Ive had many 200x+ wins on it.  One in the base game. Hit a couple of bonuses that went for 600x+ too. 
Im sure the RTP will catch up on me but im getting hooked on this one.



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Only reason you got above 100x because you play low stake haha but well done I love Donuts too both slot and snack. :P

More you hit bonus and get less multiplier you kind of meh but when you do get high multiplier and never hit it's also kind of meh :D Sometimes you win and that's kind of possibilities is not very high. When you get purple donuts and slow spin oh yeah. Boxes is also nice in basic :P

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@tehf00n well done on your low rolling wins. A win is a win. That x136 multiplyer is massive. Its nice to see it. 

Over 109 pounds on that bonus with a couple of spins to go.

On the top bonus low rolling on 0.20 p stake on a x28 multiplyer you have hit the top purple donuts 2 ways for 168 pounds to add to what you have already won. 3 spins left. Nice. Taking you up over £200.

Very nice. Congratz and enjoy the winnings. Donuts is good for low rollers with the volatility on the multiplyer and i think it allows to play as low as 0.05 p stake. Good fun. ??.

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