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Trigger yet another jackpot .. Treasure Mine (Super Jackpot) X1246) Won $1246.32


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Well here I trigger yet another jackpot quite sick and from my earlier jackpot before in few days ago, just look again and I thought it was going to blink in randomly in smallest one . Too bad not 99k it would be sick. Anyway I got it and I gotta play a couple of more spins  on this one.

It's beep sounds make your heart go wild when it moving like that. :)

Treasure Mine Jackpot.jpg

Treasure Mine Super Jackpot x1246 - Won $1246.33.jpg

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1 hour ago, Craig smith said:

@ProBlackbird well done blackbird. Anytime when someone hits a jackpot its really nice to see.

I bet your heart was going when you had the chance of the big one. 99 k as you say. Man that would be something.

But playing a 1 dollar bet size this is a nice boost to come along. 1246 dollars.

Congratz blackbird and enjoy the winnings.??.

Yeah trigger a jackpot really nice. That's count already as big success and $1246 is not that bad :)

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