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Donuts base game big hit


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On 26/07/2018 at 06:17, ProBlackbird said:

Fy fan " That's really nice 10 purple donuts x2 and wild should be extra donut I think. I'm not really sure if it x2 count toward donuts of it x2 is double donuts. Congratulation you deserve it.

Thank You! Yeah the base game can be a real treat.  Got a hit in the base game earlier with a massive 74 ways of purples but no extra multiplier. It was a 5 kr bet so it landed gentley on 5k plus on that spin. Pretty neat for 1000X base game spin ?

On 28/07/2018 at 21:18, Craig smith said:

@VonTratt awesome hit von. Man what a base game beauty. Top symbol and plenty of thum.

Playing a 7.5 sek stake, 0.75 euro. It has rolled in a 10,800 sek wonder, 1080 euro.

Donuts showing a piece of its volatility right thare. Well done and congratz von. Enjoy the winnings??. Sweet sweet donuts.

Thank you so much! More donuts to the people  ?

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