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Exclusive Introduction of new Netent concept.


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Hey hey! 

The day has come for our first exclusive with Netent, and we are happy to invite you guys to take part in the action. 

Next Thursday, Netent goes live with a brand new concept, which I personally think will be a huge step in the right direction for them. 

Now, I cannot show and tell too much just yet, however it would be fun to see if any of you manage to guess what Netent has in store for us this time . 

All I can tell is that the first game with this new concept is BerryBurst Max, (not to be confused with BerryBurst

Check out our stream on Wednesday the 18th of July for full details. 

What are you waiting for? Get in!


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it looked like a balance egg timer with the emphasis on graphics and prepubescent cartoons rather than game play when you see a game like that compared to a net ent classic creature of the black lagoon you can see the change clearly.

butterfly staxx 

finn and the swirley turd 


the phantoms curse 

im afraid these are games that certainly i dont want to see

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Just looked at stream to see the new game. To be honest the game is not really my cup of tea, but at least it has potential to hit a huge win. 6kx will be DAMN diff. to hit, but 1kx+ seems very achiveable. Cluster Pays mixed with expanding wilds seems very intresting though.

However I want to say I LOVE Lost Relics (yeah I know its also cluster pays). It's just an awesome game, with the random tile removal and the "find the chest" bonus. That to me is by far your best release this year.

Looking forward to seeing Max being implemented into some other games. Was very intrested in what Kim said on stream, Lost Island Max.. Now thats a title I would LIKE to see..

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Hi all! I just wanted to chime in and give my personal opinion on the game now after I have watched LetsGiveItASpin unveil the concept. As many people say, it is a long overdue overhaul coming from NetEnt. The game it self is very aesthetically (as most NetEnt games are) and it renews an old classic slot like StarBurst. The potential of the MAX version is greatly increased from recently released NetEnt games, which I highly enjoy. We want more volatile slots coming from NetEnt, and this might be the concept we have been eagerly waiting for :)

I do not love BerryBurst MAX as a game, but I do love it as a concept. As many people have mentioned here, I am very excited to see which other games will get the "MAX- overhaul", but I guess time will have to tell how well the concept will be appreciated by the casino community :)


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