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Wild Swarm!! awesome run of bonuses and Swarm Freespins!!! Finally!!


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@SuperSmask smask back up on the winners podium this time with a swarm. Of bees.

Push gaming coming up with another good slot/game. It can be tough to trigger swarm mode just going by what i see and hear about the feature.

First up you had a nice little chest land outa which you picked 9 free spins, on a 10 sek bet, 1 euro stake. Winnings were 2038 sek, just over 200 euro. Nice.

And a few spins later a lone bee enters the hive, it shakes,  yip its swarm mode.  Mario saying a prayer before starting it running. A please be good prayer.

It wasnt to good a swarm mode. Bad positioning of bees to start with and you only really got a couple of good hits out of it. Total paying 1753.50 sek, just over 175 euro. Smask boosted to level 2. 

A few minutes later the bonus drops in. 7 free spins. A chest dropped in and expanding wild came out. It looked good but didnt really turn up. Bit weird mario. Bonus paid 638 sek, about 63 euro. 

Few spins later 4 hives land for a 10 spin bonus. It was ok but the bees took a while to turn up. Really the last spin paying 760 made up for a lot. Total bonus paid 1374 sek, just over 137 euro. Not to bad.

Overall i have to say a big congratz mario. A super little run of bonuses and a swarm mode making a tidy win totalled of 575 euro. Very nice and a good bonus video to watch. Enjoy the winnings smask.???.


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