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What happens when you fill all the reels in Donuts?


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I've been playing a lot of Donuts, like everyone else I'm sure, I've been wondering about the Golden Donut Reels/Multiplier Reels.


(Not my own image, source: huggehuggs youtube)

What happens when you fill these reels? If there's no more space for new Donuts to land, what happens during retriggers? Is it possible to fill the board?

Has anyone seen this occur? 


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@Dainironfist hi dain, great picture that is from hugge's youtube. Just 1 off a full completion. 

I have a feeling that if the board is full you get no more chances at it. Due to the insane volatility of donuts i cant see it opening up a brand new 4 by 4 square to start again and start filling them up. 

I think when the board is full thats it. I have seen just over x130 multiplyer from the first 4 by 4 sqaure so i think that will be it when its full.

It may give a special bonus or an added extra if you fill it right up but my gut says it will not. 

Retriggers may just keep going on how many spins you can get. Maybe. Maybe not. And playing them out on the multiplyer you are at.

Im trying to think of possibilities if a grid were full. But my gut tells me due to the insane volatility of the game/slot i cant see it opening up a new 4 by 4 grid to fill again. 

I may be wrong dain but im just giving my perspective on it. Someone may come in and post a definitive answer to your question. Good question aswel dain.

Craig ?.

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