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Admiral Casino Bonus Problems (was BellFruitCasino)


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Hello guy, girls and the rest of you.

Just so information on Bonus system at Admiral Casino, this will effect anyone playing on that with with a Bonus.

I run into a problem with the site Admiral Casino, formerly known as Bell Fruit Casino, so if anyone is looking at playing at the site, its great for the Novomatics i.e Lucky Lady 6, the only site in the UK that i know off, but they have a problem with the bonus system there.


So if you are aware, the bonus system there works by releasing the bonus funds as you wager with CASH money, so you cant wager with the Bonus funds, as i found out the hard way, with my £10-20  allowance a week depending on bills, so i hit the bonus balance and never noticed it and ending up with a nice £700 balance whats now Bonus funds. After noticing it was only Bonus funds, i decided to keep on playing as i was on fire and ended up with £1700, thinking theres no way i can keep on playing, so i deposited my last £10 hoping to use that on £0.10 bets to hit the first wager target to release the first £10 and go from there.

It was hard and i went down to a cash balance of £0.50 a few times but Book of Ra with 5 lines saved me a few times 200x and Ra deluxe 5 lines 0.05 bets with a 250x win, slowly got me to the first target and nothing happened, so i waited a bit hoping the system, was slow and nothing.

So i emailed them told them what happened and this is what they had to say 

Unfortunately the bonus steps are not displaying correctly at present, however rest assured that the actual conversion is working correctly in the background.
You have staked GBP65.24 with real money so far The target to convert the first GBP10 of your bonus is x35, i.e GBP350.

So they know there's problems with the progress chart and i asked if they could just release the first target as i hit the bonus balance and its a error with the site showing i was able to get it, but they don't want to help in anyway.

So dont go by the MY Bonus into as its all wrong and i hope this helps anyone else.

Apart from that the Site seems hard to win from time to time and the minimum bet size limits suck too, i.e book of ra 6 is £1.60 minimum bet size, but apart from that i've had some £600-£800 cash out from £15 deposits and they been really fast, just a shame the bonus system lets them down :-(.

Hope this helps.


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Yes this is happening to me right now ive been talking to there live chat all they can do is over a refund of my deposits as a goodwill gesture but remove the bonus and everything. even tho ive wagered enough to where they should give £10 increments up to £450 but no they dont give it to you there breaching there own terms i think. 


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i have been looking at ways to resolve all this and i was advised from UK gambling commission to summit it to IBAS after i explained all the details on what has happend but they only advised me to contact IBAS after i stated they would not get a supervisor/manger to speak to me on the phone they said you should summit a form to IBAS i will keep updated as i get more information or if this Casino itself Sorts it self out but after this issue im sure to close account and this casino should be blacklisted.

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after a few days of disputing 

Dear Sir
Thank you for your patience.
In order to resolve this issue without further inconvenience, we can convert your current bonus balance of GBP817 into real money rather than processing a refund of your deposits.
This would take place on Tuesday as the action must be queued. You will not be able to play our games until the conversion takes place. After the conversion you will have full access to the site and all games again and would be free to play with the real money balance or withdraw it as you wish.
Please confirm if you agree to this solution.
Kind regards,
Your Support Team

looks like fighting for it and that due to its there mistake its done
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