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Leovegas Screwing Me Over


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Last week when i requested a withdrawal from leovegas they asked for ID from me.

at that time i had reached VIP Level 28 And had made a few withdrawals

So i sent All the documents i had (Driving License, Birth certificate, Proof of address), Not good enough they said we need photo ID (told them i did not have any).

No problem they said Send us a Selfie of you holding your birth certificate next to your face. 

i duly sent of my selfie and was told my account was fully verified On the 12 May and  that my withdrawal had been processed.

continued to play over the next couple of days and hit a big win on book of dead on a £2 spin.

Requested another withdrawal Of £1k on the 14 may and checked today and it was still pending, so i went into live chat and was told  they were waiting on documents( They had not requested Any more). and when i told the agent  i would not have bet any more had i not been verified, they just referred me to the Terms and conditions.

I understand the need for ID, But Telling a customer they are verified and then moving the Goalposts is not on.

All my bets were placed in good faith, it's a shame Leo don't see it that way.

Best Wishes 



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I'm having a similar problem I don't have any photo id so sent bank statement proof of address birth certificate and a selfie birth certificate I've explained to them I don't have photo I'd and said to me go buy one online citizen card won't verify my account otherwise. I've used this is for bingo and casino sites for larger amount of withdrew and had no problems. 

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