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20x+ multiplayer on Bonanza? Hold my beer...


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@steffi_beanstalk super win steffi. Congratz. Bonanza has been playing tough lately and only a few good wins are getting through if you follow.

Im not commenting on many big wins from bonanza.

As you no its tough to bonus, but your bonus certainly is a beauty.

You must have started with GOLD +5 for 17 spins which is always a help. But hitting 2 retriggers for an extra 10 spins, wow what a help that is.

X30 on your multiplyer is the highest i have seen on bonanza for a while. With 27 spins i can see how it got that high.

Bonus came at a good time for you because your balance was just under 14 euro left. 309.81 euro's is a nice bonus steffi.

Playing 0.60 euro a spin. Well done, enjoy your winnings??.

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