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Super Mega Big Win didnt pay

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Yesterday i played Casino Zeppelin on Bwin.

I hit Freespins on 2 EUR and won about 100x. Immediately after the Freespins i spinned again and a double full line appeared overlapped by a window that said: "Technical Issues - ask support". I saw the "Super Mega Big Win" graphic behind that window.

The win was not payed and watching my history the game ID is not existing. Asked support and they dont find the ID. Told them it must be the spin right after the freespins.

What to do?

I experienced these technical issues a lot with Yggdrasil Games. Who experiences similar problems and do you have any suggestions?

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Hey @happyspindoctor, I believe that the "super mega big win" was just a "glitch". If a technical error comes up in any of the Yggdrasil slots, you will always see the reels continue to spin in background producing random result, but if that spin cannot be registered, it will be voided (as you get message of technical error). That's at least to my knowledge :)

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On 2017-05-15 at 2:06 PM, happyspindoctor said:

Well, yes. It sure produces a random result. As slots always do ;-)

But this time it produced a super mega big win with 2 full lines.

And i recognise it in no other software that often as on riggdrasil.

but thx anyway! Appreciated.

Yggrasil slots allways does that crap. it's not a glitch or a bug it's just the slot is programed to line up like that in case of x usually a connection drop. 

Just look at the new sun game if you autospin and reached the last spin it will never show what your loosing spinw as instead stop on 5 suns in a row. Making it look like thats the last spin. Same with all of their slots. 

Same happens when you get technical error.

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