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OVO Casino deposit [Resolved]


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Hi, i saw that ovo casino had a 100% bonus this weekend so i decided to try it out and deposited 300€ but i never got any money on the site.

The money has been drawn from my bank account tho.. Anyone else have had this problem? I emailed the support last night but no answer yet so that sucks..

My friend also used this offer and had no problems.



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I got my deposit yesterday after skylined87 talked to them (thanks) but did not recieve the bonus altho i claimed it. I emailed them about this but support is taking atleast 24h + to answer so i didnt care go wait any longer ripped the balance obv.. 

So ye, issue resolved i guess but not that satisfied with ovo casino. Almost 2 Days before i got my money and then i didnt even get the bonus as i should have.. This doesnt really make me wanna deposit to ovo again or recommend it to any friends...


Thanks again to skylined87 for the help!

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