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Raging Rhino, Whats up?


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This might be some serious foil hat material, but I just wanted to discuss this with you guys.

I really feel like there has been some changes made to the good ol' fella "Raging Rhino". It all seems to have started when they removed the auto-spin button. Over the last months I've noticed that the bonus rounds are very much more common than they used to be, but they all pay total shit. 

I believe I've had around 50 free rounds during the last months, but only one has payed more than 100x. 

Am I the only one who feel like WMS has done some changes to the game?


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The only changes they have done were:

- remove the autoplay button

- switch to HTML5

Other than that, the slot was not changed, as it costs a lot of money to re-certify and re-test the slot if they wanted to change RTP. Rhino is still the same, you are just not lucky. It's hard to come to terms with that, but it's how it works.

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