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Don't play on Jelly Bean casino if you have reversal problems :)


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I made a deposit of 30 EUR and made it to 815 EUR which I have cashed out (and received in the meantime). However, the pending time is 5 days, and you will receive emails like this.....Not good if you are vulnerable for reversing.




Congratulations!! I see that you made a request for withdrawal of nice winnings. Its still in process 
So, i tried to call you earlier to inform about some Great New Deals.

Also wanted to contact you to know if everything was fine on the casino and if you enjoyed the games as well,

So, i see you have a withdrawal of €815, and i am wondering why you didn't play to win up to €1000 or more. at least that way, you get to tell your friends about the best place to make wins.

You May Cancel  your withdrawal and play to even win more! its a good day to win i must say. If you decide to cancel, to protect you in case you fear loosing, i have left an instruction on your account to be given a 40% Insurance bonus of that win back to play again and win more (More like a Life line to protect you). 
Decide on which one you would like to take for this great adventure to more wins.

I invite you to pass on the chat to let me know your what you decide, you can tell us directly on the chat. available 24/7 for you.

As one of the Best Casinos, we say Goodluck!!


Best regard,

Brian - VIP account manager



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