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@burhan.k first up this is the first time i have seen three +4's. I am a fan of extra chilli burhan. I think its very volatile and its in my top 5 slots with white rabbit.

Amazing how you have got to 24 spins without a pie gamble. It takes 4 gambles to get to 24 spins from 8. 

You play like me burhan on 0.20 stakes, sometimes 0.40 if i win. For 24 spins burhan that you have got you have just been very unlucky.

You have hit a cold bonus. Its also a shame because i can see you collect what you get 1 st time so getting 24 spins i will bet you felt good. Its probably rare you get 24 spins. But its another beauty about the slot/game that it has quite a few ways to give the player extra spins. Even the 4 pot retrigger for an extra 8 spins is amazing.

Its just a bad bonus burhan, you hit a cold one. You will no what extra chilli can do. On a 0.20 stake it could quite easily pay 500 plus if it wanted to. In my eyes its one of the best slots out thare at the moment by BTG. 

Unlucky my friend. I would give you 2 hearts if i could.

Craig.???. I forgot to give you my trademark thumbs up. Reason for the edit burhan?.

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