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So basically,

I deposited a £1000 on energy today and won quite big with a 5 scatter trigger on DOA. Hurrey yea? Not really. They are refusing to pay out. 

Apparently, even if you did not take any deposit bonus, you still have to 'wager' the amount you want to withdraw. 

The question is, how on earth does the Gambling Commission both in Malta and the UK allow such atrocities? Basically, if you deposit £10 and win lets say £5000 you are not getting it unless you wager it. 

Smells like a scam to me, no?



Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 18.50.44.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 18.45.41.png

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Sorry, but this is common practice at 99% of casinos these days.

You should always read the T&C regarding money laundering and the minimum playthrough. Count yourself lucky, some casinos have 5 times or even 10 times playthough on deposits.

There is a very easy way to use to wager the £457 without any risk of losing :) (as it is is not bonus money you can use low-risk roulette etc)

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@Ziggy This is a common practice. You as a player always have to read terms & conditions, as it is your responsibility, not casinos. Most casinos as stated above have 1x wager requirement on deposit due to money laundering. Basically you have to do play through €1000 as they have stated in the support. This is NOT a rouge practice, so accusing casino to avoid them is a bad example. Hope that explained everything you wanted.

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1 minute ago, Ziggy said:

Well, this was the last time I have ever played an online casino. They clearly will do everything no to pay you. You can delete the topic. 

You can't still blame the casinos. They will pay as long as you respect T&C. You can withdraw even without having to wager but they will take up to 5% comission as they have stated. Besides online casinos have much higher RTP than the land based. Knowledge is power buddy :)

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Dear CasinoGrounds Members,

My name is Norbert one of the EnergyCasino team members and using this forum I would like to answer few of the questions and posts added to this thread.

First of all, let me please thank you for the supportive comments, however, I am also happy to answer all the critics as well. It is always a pleasant feeling to clarify this kind of situations directly with the players. Starting with the example given by Ziggy, yes it is true that all deposits made have to be wagered one time before any amount can be cashed out, in our Terms and Conditions this is pointed out, which Terms are read and accepted by all of our players before they can create the player account. As it has been already pointed out by the administrator of the forum and other members, this is a common practice. I am not working in the payment team, however, I can confirm that we had this point in our Terms starting from 2013 when EnergyCasino has been established. Maybe, it is also good to point out that Terms and Conditions for UK players are slightly different than the ones accepted by the international players, simply because of the different regulations imposed by MGA and UKGC but this point is present in both versions.

The term referring to the initial deposit and the terms of the bonus wagering requirements are not related. These are two separate regulations. 

Back to your example Ziggy:

On 2017. 04. 28. at 7:52 PM, Ziggy said:

The question is, how on earth does the Gambling Commission both in Malta and the UK allow such atrocities? Basically, if you deposit £10 and win lets say £5000 you are not getting it unless you wager it. 



If you deposit £10 and you won £5000 and you have no bonus offer activated, you will have to wager £10 and not the winnings as well. The point in terms refers to the amount you initially deposited and not on the winnings. In your case, your deposit was £1000 and you have wagered £542.70 at the moment when you hit the 5 scatters on DOA (at least this is how I assume based on your comment) that is the reason why you had to continue the wagering until you reach the initially deposited amount. Notwithstanding, you could choose to accept the 5% (£50) fee and then our payment team would proceed with your withdrawal request without waiting for you to wager the remaining  £457.30.

On 2017. 04. 28. at 8:56 PM, spiker1977 said:

Was going to there site to read the T&C but got this page.

Thank you for the screenshot, I don't know why you got this page from Adblocker but I can just guess that because we are a gambling operator. However, the screenshot has been forwarded to our technical team and we will investigate this case separately.

Thank you so much for your attention. I hope that Ziggy and all other members will be satisfied with my reply but in case you have any further comments or opinions please share them with me. There is no reason to delete the thread, I believe that except the Title, all content will be helpful for the rest of the players present in this community. I will also try to make sure to assist in any further cases as well so feel free to contact me via PM or just simply shout my name whenever you hit 5 scatters on DOA!


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On 28/04/2017 at 8:44 PM, Ziggy said:

Well, this was the last time I have ever played an online casino. They clearly will do everything no to pay you. You can delete the topic. 

In the United Kingdom it's highly unlikely this term is legally enforceable. If you were to close your account for responsible gambling reasons it would certainly be unenforceable.

The casinos (and their supporters) will tell you this condition exists for anti money laundering reasons, however, the imposing of a minimum wagering requirement is simply the casinos solution to their interpretation of their legal obligations. There is nothing in the UKGC rules anywhere which mandates this minimum wagering requirement.

If I was being cynical - I'd suggest the reason for the minimum x 1 wagering is simply the casinos gifting themselves the opportunity to recoup the costs associated with the processing of the deposit transaction.


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I feel like a casino should have flexibility and process this withdrawal and waive the 1x wagering requirement . It's obvious that the player is cashing out for a legitimate reason i.e he hit huge on a slot . Similarly if he had lost half his deposit quickly and requested a cashout I think it should also be allowed to go through .

The times when the 1x wagering should be enforced is when the player has obviously gambled a very small amount in contrast to the size of his deposit . For example he deposits £1000 and plays £5 hands on blackjack and then after wagering £500 decides to cashout with a balance of £984 . In this case £900 of the £1000 deposit was never even needed which raises questions as to the player having ulterior motives such as money laundering etc



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17 hours ago, Klemay83 said:

Started playing on them last week, good casino, and great selection of Novos. Regular tournaments with cash and freespin giveaways too. Can't fault them so far.

I agree, and they actually have some novo slots (pharaohs tomb for example) that u can't get on the novo only site bellfruit casino

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