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Do I try to beat the wagering or cash out?


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Hey all,

I'm not a big fan of bonuses, I almost never take them but after a bad loss streak I managed to get a no deposit bonus on a casino and gave it a shot.
At the moment I can withdraw $1650 of the $5750 I have in funds and forfeit my bonus, or I can keep playing and try to meet the remaining $8500 of wagering.

I'm curious what those with more experience with bonuses think about this. $8500 with $5750 seems more than do-able, and it seems like I'll have >$1650 remaining at the end so I think that's the correct move here.

If I continue playing any slots/stakes you guys recommend? Not looking to climb up the balance anymore just avoid dropping but I'd rather not set something to $0.30 autospins for the next 50 hours either!

Cheers for the advice.

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Yeah, continue with the wagering. But please make sure you don't break any of the conditions that may attached to playing with bonuses. Don't go crazy on the bet size and over bet if there is a max bet rule.

Take it easy and gentle. Enjoy the play time whilst you can knowing you're on a winner!

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