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nice win on White Rabbit


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@angerfist_760 supersmask is right angerfist. You are the master of that rabbit and they rabbit hole reels. Its a great slot/game white rabbit and is in my top 5 fav slots. You just never no when its going to go. 

One of the things that gets me is when a slow roll happens and its a good one. Lets say its queens. And what happens is the last reel just chickens out and floats by. Or stops. Its annoying but amusing at the same time. 

Well done angerfist on what my calculations make it is. A 2.50 dkk stake is about a 0.30 euro buy on the bonus and your super hit of 3862 dkk win is round about 515 euro's. I think. 

Overall super win angerfist, great post and enjoy your winnings???. Well done.

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