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Most annoying freespins wager ever?


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Ok, so before I start. I was completely aware of the rules of the promo and the max cashout. But I'm quite annoyed that I get so little awarded for quite a challenging (insanely lucky task), free money I hear you say. Yes, but still.

Basically, Williamhill has/had a promo where you can get 10 freespins on their Superman the Movie slot (which is a Jackpot slot linked to other DC slots), 95% minus jackpot so.. 91-92%? 

The freespins winnings had to be wagered 40x times (most casinos have 35x!)

Had a maxcashout of £20 after wagering

Aaand, it could only be wagered on this slot, which is tricky in itself when you have to wager this much.

I did some crazy betting, towards the end I saw that I had beaten the wagering so I cranked it up to max size. The end result is attached..

I suppose we don't have any reps that can get in touch with Willhill and give me the rest of the money? No? Oh well.. 

One question though, if I did win one of the Jackpots. They would have to give it to me right? 


Superman bonus Willhill2.png

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I messaged Willhill and asked about what happens if you won the jackpot while on bonus money as surely they can't keep that. This is the answer :

"With regard to your question about winning a jackpot, on the T&Cs it says the maximum withdrawable amount is £20, regardless if you win a jackpot or not."

That can't be correct right? 



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If it states in their T&C, while playing the freespins and you're wagering, the max cashout from them is 20. This basically makes Jackpot fall into this category. However, if you're finished wagering and keep playing on, then you can cashout more I believe. It seems dodgy yes, but T&C's are there for a reason, not much we, the players can do regarding it.

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But surely since this Jackpot slot is linked with other casinoes and it is player funded (not from Willhill) then it should be player that wins it.

If this is the case, say the highest jackpot is £500k, the casino would take that Jackpot? Which they have not contributed to? That seems way wrong.. It similar to the Ibuki thread on here with the max cashout of £5000 when you are on bonus funds and you win the mega jackpot.

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the thing is whilst playing any jackpot games or the mega jackpot games the casinos don't pay out the winnings, the providers do, so I guess read the t&c's before playing jackpot games and wagering requirements for free spins, best thing is to find a casino with wager free spins and casinos you can play jackpot games on, with a bonus I know Casumo is 1 there is probably more just I ain't looked around :D!

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