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[GUESSING CONTEST] - Super monopoly money


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We're going big (or into hiding)!

Monday's Super Monopoly Money session will be the biggest one we've done yet with a 33000SEK, £3000 starting balance. A balance that will ALL be put towards collecting as much Super Monopoly Money as possible. When the balance runs out, we'll spin the wheel and pray to the slot gods to give us the miracle 200x (we're due!)

Me, @Nick, @rocknrollaaaaaa and @Slotspinner are the ones sharing the bullet, but we're also giving you guys a chance to take home some of the money the wheel awards us - simply by guessing what we'll end up with.

SMM Guessing Contest

To take part, all you need to do is to guess in this thread how much you think we are going to get when we spin the Super Monopoly Wheel at the end of the session. The closest 3 guesses are able to win up to 15% each of the total wheel hit!

This is how the Super Monopoly Mega Bullet session will go down:

Starting balance will be SEK 33,000 with SEK 16,500 to be played before the stream (and recorded) as playing the full balance on stream tends to be quite long. Highlights of this play will be published at 8:00pm on Monday, just after the contest closes and actual stream starts.

Only one guess per person can be made - please make sure to add your Twitch/Youtube screen name in the post so that I can verify it.

Please note that entries to this thread close at 7:00GMT / 20:00CET on Monday May 1st.

Payout structure:

3% for active LGIS/Casinogrounds players on LeoVegas
2% for active - non LGIS/Casinogrounds players
1% for everyone else.
If your guess is within £1 of the actual hit, you'll get a prize boost of 5x the initial payout (15%, 10%, 5%), if your guess is within £10 of the actual hit you'll get a prize boost of 2x the initial payout (6%, 4%, 2%).


If an active LGIS/Casinogrounds player guesses for a £150,000 hit on the wheel and the actual hit is £149999, the person who guessed will get 15% out of £150000, which would be a hefty £22500 cash prize!

Happy guessing!

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