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Nice welcome bonus, legit?


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Hey guys,

I'm trying for a small deposit, but want a bit bigger balance to start with?

Any of you guys/gals know a legit site which offers a BIG welcome bonus? (Already used the big sites) and even some smaller legit ones..

Throw ur suggestions in!

Thanks in advance!



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8 minutes ago, SKRAPIIII - Q-10 EDITING said:

Maria Casino

Storspiller.com (best one in my opinion)

Don't play multilotto though, if you stumble appon that site.

Hey dude,

thanks for ur response. The best deposit bonus someone in my country can get at Maria is 100%.

And i can't read stor so i won't bother :)


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On 23-4-2017 at 3:37 AM, GamblerIdiot said:

check out BossCasino, it has 225% welcome bonus

you can track my results playing with bonus in my YT channel (check signature) I ve managed to beat it quite often so far. usally it is without max bet (which I prefer over all other things)...

Have fun

Is that one legit? 

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44 minutes ago, Ybezymer said:

Is that one legit? 

yes, if with legit you mean a casino that pays out after a completed verification process.

As I said, you can track my progress on my YT-channel as I play there since 6 months. so far my personal experience is positive, in particular the offer multiple bonuses a week. those usually are d+b x 25 or bonus x 40... In my vids you can see that it is doable (in particular with higher bets once you increased your bankroll, it can be done quickly as well)   

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