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extra chilli 6501x!!!!


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@rubenizovic incredible win ruben, if you look at the front page of the forum you will see this is the 3 rd extra chilli win in a row. Brilliant.

I have to say it as i said it on my last comment extra chilli is hot?. Great to see.

Thats a huge win you have hit winning 2000 euro's. And i cant quite make out your stake ruben.

If its 0.40 euro which i think it is- please correct me if i am wrong on the stake, if its 0.40 euro that is an insane bonus as you have said yourself.

You must have hit something big in the bonus with the multiplyer. Maybe the top symbol purple chillies.

I also think your balance was round about 25-26 euro left. Man what a hit, 2000 euro.

Super congratz, thanks for posting it up ruben and you enjoy your winnings???.

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I dont know if this image is better, but yes, it was on a 40 cent bet, on the last spin, with a 20x multiplier, I hit a bunch of purples on reels 1 2 4 5 6, and one on the bottom at reel 3 for a 2560 euro win, so basically a 300x base win with a 20x multiplier


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