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@fizzyhighest hi thare fizzy, i like your profile page with the cards. Its a cool look. On your question about welcome bonuses fizzy i will start by going through my top 5-

1- leo vegas, you get 100 percent bonus upto £300 plus 30 bonus spins. T+C's apply.

2- casumo, you get 100 percent bonus upto £300 plus 20 extra spins. T+C's apply.

3- video slots, you get 100 percent bonus upto £200 plus 11 welcome spins on registration plus £10 free on your first deposit. T+C's apply.

4- Risk, you get 100 percent bonus upto £100 plus 50 extra spins.

5- dunder, you get £600 bonus plus 200 extra spins although i am not sure how that 600 is distributed. It may be in stages.

Thats my top 5 fizzy and i would strongly advize to take a look at the page on the forum that has all the best casino's and bonuses recomended by casino streamers. Have a good look at that and take your time in picking.

A tip before playing if you do pick a casino is go through all the verification process first before you start playing. That means if you win and want to withdraw you will not have to go through it all then.

Lastly if you pick a casino that one of casinogrounds own streamers play at or if you pick leo vegas who are heavily involved in casinoground site. If you have a problem or issues with things there are people here that could take a look at the problem and will be of great help.

Good luck fizzy in picking. And dont rush it. Look into it and choose wisely.

Craig smith.

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@fizzyhighest hi thare fizzy. I want to add a couple of things to my post i made above.

Remember to do these 2 things when you sign up and accept a welcome bonus, if you accept the bonus that is.

1- check which slots you CANNOT PLAY when playing with a bonus when your wagering through it. Always check that.

2- check what is the MAXIMUM STAKE you can play when playing with a bonus and while you are wagering through it.

Always check these because if you dont no and take a bonus and violate T+C's the casino has the right to not pay you any winnings you may have won.

It happens and just make sure you no whare you stand when accepting a bonus. Do not play slots that the casino has listed as not to play when in bonus money/doing wagering. And do not go above the stake the casino has set out, it may be 2 euro/pounds or 5 euro/pounds. 

Even write it down so you no and can see it because imagine you wagering for 4 hours and winning 800 and you are happy. Over the moon. And the casino turns round and declines your withdrawl because you breached the terms and conditions as i have said above.

Even if you make a mistake just once they will not pay you out. Its happened before and it will happen again. A lot of players are unaware that they have breached the T+C's and it ends up in a battle to try and get your winnings. 

I felt if you join a casino and sign up. Take a bonus you need to no these things.

Dont play bonuses you can buy. Like example white rabbit. You might think your playing 50 p stake and buy a bonus for 50 quid. Dont get a crossover thare in thinking its a 50 p stake. Its not, its 50 pounds. That will trigger a breach of bonus terms. 

I think you can play normal spins for 50 p and if you hit the bonus that way then that is ok.

Good luck

Craig smith.

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@fizzyhighest hi thare fizzy. First up i have never heard of (9club ) but i went through on the link and read about it. 

The first red light i saw was when it said malaysia. It seems like if you took 9clubs advice and chose a casino to play at recommended by them. That casino is going to be malaysia based or connected to malaysia in some way.

Ultimately the final decision lies with yourself on what casino you want to play at but one of the first points is if something goes wrong or you have problems with a malaysia based casino you will be talking to someone on the other side of the world. Now things may go fine but my gut instinct is its a no no.

Now i dont have any knowledge on malaysian based casino's and as i say they may be fine but i think that is a gamble in itself. Im just going on my gut instinct. 

Maybe someone will read this that is involved with the site or a member and they may have some input on the information that 9club have. It would give you another outlet.

What i would say fizzy is look at all the angles first and then choose wisely. Go on what your gut is telling you also. When you narrow your list down try and simplify whats left. Then pick a good reputable casino.

Now every player wants things to run smoothly and have no problems or issues. But they always arise. There are always problems. Thats fact fizzy. 

Now think of your self in a problamatic situation that arises during your casino play. You try and speak with customer support and end up getting nowhare. Your starting to get frustrated and angry. 

Now think if you were dealing with a fair bit of money and the casino were being awkward about it. And it became an almighty struggle. Who do you turn to for added help

If your talking to a malaysian based casino there will be nobody to turn to for extra help. You may not even get that far with casino's out that part of the world.

Someone on casinogrounds may come and post something if they have knowledge of malaysian casino's. If they read this. 

Back to your scenario i was describing. If you join up on one of the casino's that are listed on casinogrounds forum or one of the casino's i listed in my top 5 which were from the list on casinogrounds. If you have a problem there are people here on this site that could take a look. Depending on the nature of the problem you had.

If you were getting nowhare at least you have an option fizzy. Dealing with malaysian casino's i dont think anybody here could help you. Now i may be wrong because i dont no 100 percent but you are far safer joining a casino that is listed here on casinogrounds or in my top 5.

Lastly fizzy it is ultimately up to you whare you go.  If you go by 9club i wish you all the best and good luck if you pick a casino listed by them. If you pick a casino listed here i wish you the best of luck also.

Remember leo vegas are heavily involved in casinogrounds and there are streamers who have helped people that have had a problem thare. Its a massive plus fizzy.

Trust your gut instinct and what you see and hear about what casino. Also if you join up to a casino listed on casinogrounds and you have an issue. Drop me a private message and i may be able to get a hold of someone to help you. 

Good luck fizzy. Sorry for long reply.?.

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Guys, how to windrow welcome bonus?
I saw a lot of information in worldwide about some people who can earn some money from this operation?
How it's going, why casino doesn't stop this? I understand about advertising, but if possible to windrow welcome bonus it's  mean somebody can earn from casino a lot of money? Or what?

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