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2 amazing bonuses almost back to back on Magic mirror deluxe 2


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@Dropsyy congratz on 2 super wins dropsyy. Your first video was a cracker and the highlight out of it was not just the 830 euro win but the retrigger with the top symbol attached. For a line of 4. I think it paid 308 euro for the retrigger hit. Great win. And cashing it out. Good for you dropsyy. 

Your 2 nd vid with the top symbol was a nice bonus paying 217 euro. Even better as its a nice feeling after cashing out 875 euro after the first big win. It was a nice 3 that done the trick plus it gave you a line of 3 im sure it was. There was a connection without an expansion. 

Overall dropsyy great spell and well done on your wins. Super post. Enjoy the winnings.???.

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