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A Little Bit About Me


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 I used to enjoy playing slots as some of you already know I used to do only small bets like between 10p & 50p  but I started to up my bets to £25+ a spin and had to stop so I closed all my accounts also if I didn't I know thing wold have got out of hand very very quickly I did this before and lost £35.000 in the space of 2 Months and took a break then for 2 years but at that time I didn't close my accounts so the temptation was there I have now closed all my accounts permanently so there is no temptation there I Admins on here like NickSlots Letsgiveitaspin & David Labowsky have been so helpful also I really enjoy watching them stream it really helps me by giving me my fix watching someone else play I have also put a Program on my Laptop and Phone Called GamBlock which stops all gambling sites it is a quiet expensive one of payment but worth it in the long run also GamCare are a brilliant organisation they really do help you. Stay Safe if you think things are getting to much Stop and close your accounts.

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