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So posted a question in another section and got a response that answered it.

On the back of that my suggestion is to have a post,or section, here that advises if qualifying players get free spins, or something else (not the sign up bonus ones)  on Leo as it doesn't have a clear section for this yet (at the moment)and people may not know by hearing it on stream.


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Hey Meta....     Bonus's or free spins beyond the signup bonus's are really "Loyalty Gifts" so it's something you'll just have to learn as you log in and out of your favorite Casino. Casinos don't just decide to give away free spins and announce it.....or at least most don't...hahahahaha   so the more often you lg in and the more often you play the ore you will receive "extras"...


Tom Green


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I'm not sure u understand my suggestion.

So for example qualifying Kim players got free spins in HK tower recently, cos kim is great.

I only found out cos it was said on stream. (I dont know of it was sent out via txt or email as I didn't get one)

If it was announced here e.g. date,game, number of spins then people would have seen it and use this site more as they would be more inclined to say if they won big.


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Thanks. Looking back my op was a bit unclear.

Nothing fancy would be needed just qualifying players get x on x game on day y cos Kim/Nick/David/slotspinner etc and (insert name of casino) is awesome. Let us know if u win big.

Might even get a few more HK tower mistakes to make things interesting!!!

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