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Break Da Bank Again....1000x (ish)...£14.40 bet


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So the story goes, early this morning was £800 in and losing, another £500 in...switched to Break Da Bank Again....as everybody knows it usually starts you on £22.50 max stake, brought it down to half-ish at £14.40 stake and hit the bonus on the first spin.....rubbish bonus then this rolls in late in the bonus.....



Couldn't believe it as the jewels lined up, £12,000. Am I right in thinking if there was a wild in there it would have been x5 that? So £60k? Doesn't bear thinking about. Would it still have paid that if I had left it an the max stake of £22.50? All hindsight eh?

Cashed £12, 500 then continued with the rest and somehow hit this too..




Ended up cashing out £16,500. Pretty insane, my second biggest ever win. Which was also in Break da Bank last year.




Ciao for now friends.





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