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Bonanza with 3 Retriggers


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@BoracicLint first up its no problem boracic, its came about through helping someone else to do the same and based on that persons reply it all fittied into place and bang.

Video's are uploaded to your post. Im really pleased you managed to get it done and now im watching my 1 st boracic lint bonanza video . No problem at all my friend.

What a heading to your post 3 retriggers and this is after i wrote a short comment on +5, +5, +5 from a previous post of yours.

You had hit that last year and i thought it only went as far as +5, +5. I mentioned a 27 spin start what an advantage that would be. And heres 27 spins just a different way.

This post the 3 extra 5 spins come in the mine through trollys of gold bars.

First retrigger saved it. Last spin. Your bonus just at £27 odd. Balance at just under £25.

And the very first spin of the extra 5 spins it hit nearly £39. Spin 16 it cought a large cascade for £42.51.

And another retrigger came in on that spin as a gold stack appeared on the trolly when a symbol dissapeared it came along for retrigger number 2.

It was like it thought about it for a few seconds and the next spin cascaded quite a bit of 9's and 2 gold bars came along on the trolley. Retrigger number 3. A 27 spin bonus.

Multiplyer could have went crazy in a set up like this. Spin 22 was a lot of good cascades taking the multiplyer upto x21 and a payout of £66 odd.

Spin 25 was pretty good paying £34 odd. I thought you were going to hit a monster connection with the multiplyer up past x20.

Overall its great you were able to upload the video boracic. Good for you.

A final total of £247.26, a x23 multiplyer and 27 spins. Very nice on a 60 p stake taking your balance upto £272.

Super congrats boracic, thourally enjoyable video/win. Good post and you enjoy those winnings?????.

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