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I fail my mission


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Hero's Target : BONANZA

Ammunition Depot : 350 Euro 

Mission statement : To get the Letters GOLD


Hero start his battle against his arch enemy with great confidence and full of energy.

With a 0.60 cents spins does our hero start his mission to grind down target, after 30 min the ammunition depot is slowly going down but our hero is determined to get the GOLD today. Even with loosing a bit at start the hero is still in good spirit, and keep fighting hard to get the mission done.

After loosing 1/3 of the ammunition depot the hero make a decision to amp up the aggression to 0.80 cent spin. Spin after spin is our hero trying his best to get the mission done and see those Four letters, but the best what he get is GOL. Hero feels still ok, but a bit worried. 

2/3 of the ammunition deposit down and our hero puts the last gear in, full speed on. With 1 euro spin is our hero trying to get his mission done, despair start to creep in to hero's mind (is it possible to fail?) 

With 10% of the ammunition depot left, does the hero make a despair decision to go  all in with 2 euro spins, hoping just to see any big win to keep his dream up to get the mission done, but there is no answer to his pray. So with 1 euro does our hero make the call to put it down to 0.20 cent spin and ..... but there is no luck with his mission today. Zero GOLD letters,  Zero Big Wins, Zero ... is today word. 

Devastated and broken does our hero go to the Tactical manager(Support) to get battle stats. 

Henrik E:
You have made 1,334 spins on Bonanza today.







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