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I am not an expert on casino sites having only been using them for 6 months or so, i joined Calzone in April and closed my account with a lot of hard work this morning, i have read some grim stuff about them so that was it for me. I hear this ones good that ones good blah blah, i blew away 1300 quid or so on Calzone over 3 weeks or so, won once of note around 125 quid on Wild Heist and literally didnt get a look in at any other time. My personal reason for joining was to play games you dont get on normal betting sites, i have  5 or 6 which i love even though they have never ever paid, however that amount of money in and nothing out just didnt sit right with me, i dont expect to win 500 quid a day but jesus a bit now and again would be nice. I need a safe fair site, i have read reviews on here which help in a fashion however wasnt sure which to try so after a bit of time i picked Rizk for the time being, if a can be a few quid up after a month that will do me just fine, any other sites anyone swears by then please let me know, otherwise i,ll end up back on skybet playing bloody King Kong Cash .....

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sky vegas, ive been there, What a robbery.

I have only deposited on calzone once for £50 and withdrew £450 so i cannot say the same.

But casumo, casimba, rizk there all good.

TBH your story sounds like my story on vegas hero deposited loads and never even managed a lil win, I will never play there again.

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Hi Graham,


Please be carefull of playing at Rizk and Guts!! The reason is that they operate under the same lincense .

I know that because i have both account's with them, so that means for you if you winn big at rizk your wins are voided because you closed your account at calzone.

Take care 

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so all these are under same license so don't sign up to any of these.

p.s never close an account and then find a new casino to play at just set a £10 deposit limit per month and a loss limit £1 per month so you ain't tempted to deposit there.

I had to wait 5 years before I could use sky vegas again. set small deposit limits build balances and cash out.

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Thought it was a sensible move closing the 'bad' account, how wrong i was, very confusing who owns what ect, you never have this on mainstream sites

i know that for sure the odd time i have won a bit, already lumped on Rizk then got told it shouldnt of accepted my bloody money... not happy tbh, i need one that operates alone

so to speak since i closed Calzone.

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@Graham73 graham i would recomend casumo. I have not had any problems or issues with them.

I play at supercasino not very often and i am 1 st level v.i.p and have an account manager which helps so much if there is a problem. But i do not play thare very much. They have playtech slots and NO big time gaming, NO novomatics. So its a casino to go to if you want to play playtech slots.

Casumo has all you need for all the top slots. So i recomend casumo graham. Good luck?.

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I like verajohn.co.uk. They have a wide selection of games (including BTG) and I had my biggest ever hit there - a 3500X on DHV @ £2/spin. The only downsides are the bonuses tend to have high wagering and you don't seem to get as many new deposit bonuses or free money as on SOME other sites, although verajohn does have a loyalty scheme thing so if you play a lot you are guaranteed to get a new deposit bonus or some freebie each time you play. I think they are running a new player thing with 4 separate deposit bonuses 


There are a bunch of casinos I would avoid like the plague and where I've never had any good hits despite tens of thousands of wagering ...... those casinos are NextCasino, CasinoLuck and all the other skins associated with that brand. Literally made 100 deposits over all the skins and not one withdrawal. They were all deposit bonuses but still hurts. 

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