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Is there a good alternative available to Twitch?

I already multi stream to both Twitch and Youtube but am getting a little disillusioned by Twitch, especially their unwillingness to deal with those that steal other's streams and use view bots. It pisses you right off when you see the most busiest of the streams within the casino section having 4,000+ viewers when you know for sure they are not real viewers. Always some Russian dude.

If anybody has any suggestions, then please feel to share it here. I am seriously contemplating switching to another streaming service.

Many thanks

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Unfortunately, Twitch is the mainstream streaming service for the moment. Maybe in the future things change and we'll have our own streaming platform, but that's only a dream for now :) I've checked rocknrollaaaaa yesterday on Hitbox, he got 198 viewers compared to 800-1000 on twitch before he got banned and I think that just shows how much more Twitch is popular, besides people are more likely to discover streamers on Twitch than on any other platform (Youtube excluded).

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Hitbox would be the perfect alternative, if only it were more popular. There's also smaller streaming services, like beam.pro for instance, but again the problem comes down to the popularity of the platform.

Unless several of the big casino streamers on Twitch all promote the switch to a streaming site other than Twitch, I don't think there's going to be any kind of change regarding where people choose to stream.

The idea of streaming on Facebook is interesting, however, since it's a site where more or less everyone has an account to begin with. 

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