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Salmage - new casino streamer


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Hi, my name is Nicklas and I am a new casino twitch streamer, I have done 5 streams so far and love it, my plan is to stream atleast 3 days a week, the times are in swedish time, Mondays 21-23, Wednesdays 21-23 and Fridays 22-02, maybe some extra bonus streams on random times. Got my biggest win on stream last night and its watchable under here.


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4 hours ago, burhan.k said:

Ill take a look.

Hope it works for you.

Will you be playing high/low stakes?

It will be anything between 1€ and 5€ depending on the balance, but mostly around 1,5-2€, so maybe would call it medium stakes? :D

3 hours ago, SuperSmask said:

Welcome @Salmage, GL with the stream. Will pop in and check it out. 

thanks, will be glad to see some new ppl in there :)

3 hours ago, the_68 said:

Welcome here and congrats, nice hit! :D 

hehe, thanks thanks, always nice to hit something over 100x in my opinion :D

2 hours ago, Dementorhorse said:

Welcome, and sound like fun.
Will try to stop by someday and say hello.

Have some fun whatever betsize :)

Hope you will win on the way!

thanks, I have fun and thats whats matters to me :D I dont think the betsize sets the fun level so Im happy with whatever :D

I hope so too :)

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