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Diamond Mine ....Not bad for first bonus


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Only just tried this one this week and not put alot of time in (or cash) into it but for the first bonus I think this went pretty well, couple of times it looked like it could have gone bigger but I'll take it. Happy Fri everyone and be lucky.


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42 minutes ago, Slot Streamers said:

Good hit mate, it is a fun game!

Imagine those TNT turning to diamonds on the 10th spin...

Yeah tell me about it, looks like it has some good potential even it it's limited to 10000x, who wouldn't want that as a multiplier against stake lol

40 minutes ago, DCT Slot Channel said:

Nice one! I am still waiting this game on my country!

Heh DCT, hope it comes soon enough. Seen you have had some nice hits recently as well, well done buddy :)

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@BoracicLint that only took about 75 spins at £1 so not too bad but I am assuming it can be like any other game and take some time. My longest on Bonanza was just over 2800 spins between bonuses which was brutal.

21 hours ago, Craig smith said:

@Euan750 well done euan. Congrats. Enjoy your winnings??. Im just leaving small comments today euan. Bin sick all day.?.

@Craig smith ah cheers buddy, rubbish on the feeling crap, hope you are recovering fast :)


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@Euan750 hi euan thanks for your message about me not feeling to good. I was sick and just ill. Felt awful. Stomach bug. 

I have came back today and cought up with comments. Nice win on diamond mine euan. Im seeing more and more people playing it.

Just playing a 1 pound stake you got that multiplyer moving and hit a good cascade with the help of TNT on spin 8 for 108 pounds.

I think its a good fun unpredictable addition the TNT because you dont no what symbol your going to get. Really you want them everywhare.

Nice blast on spin 9 on a x9 multiplyer for a load of 9's for a nice payout of 98 odd pounds. Lota 9's thare. Amazing that?.

Spin 10 so unlucky with those diamonds euan. It would have been massive at x10. It started a nice little series that the next cascade the diamond came along the top to connect on reel 2. 

It was a good series spin 10 because it took the multiplyer upto x14 and a payout of 79 odd pounds.

Total bonus £303.50. Thats a brilliant bonus euan for a 1 pound stake, your balance was getting lowish i would say and this came along at a very nice time.

Congrats euan, good post and enjoy your winnings???.







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On 05/06/2018 at 19:37, Graham73 said:

Nice win proper addictive game ??

Yeah I have had 5 bonuses now and all of them bar one has paid over 150x so it's good from that perspective compared to Bonanza although Bonanza has given me some awesome wins.

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