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extra chilli, most rigged game ever made?


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i bought around 150 bonuses on this game, ive played extactly 10 of them. the most this game ever paid in a bonus was 8 x and that was the one time i was able to get 20 spins.

the rtp of this game is not right. its my fault for gambling the spins yes, but over that many bonuses you should atleast get to play 50%. and when 123 of these bonuses doesnt even get to 12 spins...

i just want fair gambling, my fault for being stupid enough to buy bonuses when i know i never will get to even play the freespins.

best regards a really frustrated guy 

ps; a 20 spin bonus should atleast pay 500 x considering how hard it is to even get to 12 spins.

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6 minutes ago, jankkee said:

It's a really volatile slot. Yesterday I had a 850x bonus on 16 spins + retrigger and today I played 20 spins two times and it payed me a stunning 3x and ~10x! :D

Totally agree jankkee, extra chilli is a very volatile slot. Dangerous slot. Its got that edge to it with that gamble. Puts players through the ringer watching that gamble wheel spin.?.

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Agree with the other 2. I've had plenty of 20 and 24 spin bonuses not even give me big win music. It's unreal watching 15 dead spins in a row. I had a 20 spin bonus that ended up with a 3x multiplier. I'm winning overall on that machine though because I had a real lucky streak with the gambles and actually got a bonus (16 spins +) most of the time

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