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2000x on Gold Persia maxbet


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My biggest win ever ?

Played knights life and got tilted beucase it was dead so changed to Gold persia and was just gona gamble a few spins on maxbet. The right decision ?

Sorry for The bad picture.. bonus ended at 200.000Sek (20.000€)


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@Alleone what a hit. 5 of those beautiful ladies in persia. And she pays. 153,500 sek. Playing a 100 sek a spin, a nice 15,350 euro's on a 10 euro stake,

bonus hitting a cool 200,000 sek, 20,000 euro. Congrats.

Tilt is as horrible a feeling as it gets playing slots. Wee have all been thare. Sometimes wee get out of it. A lot of times wee dont.,

overall alleone super win, great post. Enjoy your winnings.???.

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