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Flamebusters - Comeback! MEGA BIG WIN!!

DCT Slot Channel

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@DCT Slot Channel brilliant, absaloutly brilliant DCT. what a thourally enjoyable video.

Down to 9 euro left and playing 0.50 euro spins a nice 4 bell trigger to start with. Xtra spins. Bit like pink elephant with the nuts.

Anyway 15 spins is a good kicker. It just plays out great. The hint is in your title to the post but that takes nothing away from the video.

When you got to floor 3 i was almost hypnotized. Potential starts to creep in and it started to pay.

Level 4 few good wins. But reaching the top which not many do now DCT. Floor 5 is some going.

You nailed 200 euro from the firemen. The wizard and the thug with the mug got in on it. What a result.

350 euro bonus on a 0.50 euro bet. Your right it did save the day.

Overall super congrats DCT. Enjoy those winnings. Great post???.

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