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Rock bottom...


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So I just selfexcluded myself from every casino I’ve been registered at...

Never in a million years thought that I could become a gambling addict...but after taking out loans to put more money in slots   I now realize that this is the case :(

i got a real wakeup call yesterday, after gambling away this months salary...it took me 1,5 days...Don’t know how to pay for this months bills yet...

Came clean for my wife today, obviously she is very disappointed with me, she wants to think this thru...Next up parents and friends...

This sucks...

Just wanted to remind you guys to take it easy, plz don’t do like me. 

Take care! 

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There are several loan-forums online in my country where 95% of all members are gambling addicts. 
So many threads with people who have destroyed their lives. 
People don't understand the danger and it's pretty much disgusting with all the streamers making ads like: 

Sign up here, get freespins. 
Sign up here, get this and that. 
Affiliating Casinos should be banned. 

It's all a big game. When a Streamer refer someone, they will get a decent percentage of what that player will lose so basically what Streamers dream about is to have tons of people signup and hope that some few of them destroy their life and play away huge chunks of money = More money to the streamer. 

I have lost tons of money over the years. Probably more than 90% on this forum. 
Getting paid from work at 00.00 and everything gone already at 00.30. Been there a hundred times. 
But I woke up a couple of years ago and gained some discipline. Not all can do it but I just went through the same shit every month. 

I still play, but in a different way today. 

I so feel sorry for all the young people, 18-25 who look up to these streamers and many of them will destroy their lives for a long long time. 

This is the truth and every streamer knows it.
I wouldn't be able to sleep and cope with myself if I knew I might be one of the reason that a person in a worst case scenario commits suicide due to gambling addiction or have to suffer for many years economically.

Do you think all people who joined through LetsGiveItASpin, CasinoDaddy, Roshtein and all the others are happy individuals? I can assure you that a huge chunk of people have putted them into huge troubles and more it will be. 

The funny thing is that many streamers put text like: If you feel you have a problem with gambling, contact... and so on.
Yet they are hoping to get affiliate money using affiliate links based on problem gamblers. 

I might stream in the future but I would never recommend anyone to go into Casinos online, neither would I ever be an affiliate offering my viewers crappy bonuses and lousy freespins offers with sketchy terms. 

It's much better to just simply use donations and let people donate if they would like to support the channel. 
To lure new and young people into this crap is just insane. 

I know many young people will probably just laugh at this post and say that they have everything under control but take it from someone with experience. It can go very very very fast and one can dig a huge whole in the ground really fast. 

I was 20 years old when I owned nothing and had debts of over 70.000€.
Do you want to be 20 years old and have that kind of debts without owning anything? 
Just saying. 

Now it's just money and I have successfully invested with profit so I live a pretty good life today but I don't want to see people destroying 4-5 years of their lives, like I did when I was younger. 

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Absolutly spot on !

 I don't even know where to start, as for my own background within the gamling adventures.
But it was quite similar to yours tbh. I have always had a destructional behavior - like most compulsive gamblers have. I even had a drinking problem at one time - which is also quite "normal" within the risky and destructional behavior spectre. And I have almost been so down in the mud, that what you are reffering to, was acctually starting to look like a real life solution - it looked like a way out. Just think about that. Ending the most precious thing you have beside your kids, your own freaking life......
Luckily it didn't come to that, and I managed to pick up my willpower - in which I had totaly forgot I possesed, and with family and friends help, slowly but surely could get a direction on my life again.
But what you are talking about here, is such a delicate and double standard issue, that it really should be adressed alot more. And truth to be told - I really don't understand how you can build up a business, earning tons of money, on other peoples mistakes and illness ( Compulsive gambling IS an illness ) - in fact it is alot similar to drugsdealing.

BUT - that said, im absolutly convinced that the streamers we all love and cheerish, don't think of it that way, and don't want ANY of their viewers to get into trouble from gambling. But - that is the problem with gambling. It is all good and fun when it doesnt matter if you loose 500 or 1000 euroes - heck, I would be playing daily if I could afford that. The only problem is, that 500 Euroes IS alot of money for most people, and when the ballance hits zero, noone is there to chip in and help you up again. And then you have to go explain to your wife that the food money is gone for this month - only because you thought you could control it.
We have all seen how one single spin can change everything, how you can go from 1 euro to thousands within minutes. And heck - I have tried it many times, I even won a major jackpot 35000 Euroes. I have seen it is possible to get your hands on those winnings, and it really isn't a fairytale story, it is true.
The only thing that isn't true here, is that it is bound to happend. But alot of people really do that impression.
Looking at a streamers like Jarttu84 or Roshtein, who are printing money almost daily, with huge bets, make people think that is possible. But what most people don't, is to watch their entire stream, and only the YT highlights. Looking at their full streams, you see them go with 2,3,4,5-6 bullets before even hitting anything good. But in the compulsive gamblers mind, you don't see the losses, only the winnings.

There are several streamers, who are open about how they keep track on their gambling addiction, and how NOT to loose that important control. Several in which I think should be highlighted here, is Letsgiveitaspin and Davidlabowski. They talk about having a gambling budget, and even do excel sheets on win/loss progress. And I think that is a very good thing to advice people to do, because it helps you keep track, in which I would have wished I had back in the days. Only by doing that, and having a maximum deposit limit can make it somewhat plausible that you wont end up hurting yourself and your loved ones.

What really tilted everything for me, and what made me go into dark places and loose control, was acctually when I hit the 35 k Euro Jackpot. Because it made me realize that it was possible, and it wasn't like the forbidden fruit anymore, or the wall I couldn't climb. But from that day, it went downhill, and almost ended very bad.

Gambling is a drug, and rehabilitation places adresses gambling, just like drugs or alcohol. All the lights and noises you hear when playing, will make your brain grant you dopamin - which basicly is a reward drug in your brain.
Don't be fooled, the developers know that, and they know how to trick you into playing more and more. The reason why you are getting the graphics, and not only a mathematical outcome, is so you will be tricked. And when the slot ALMOST hits the symbol you need, it is deliberete, eventhough the outcome is done the same second you press the button. There is no reason for all the teasers, it will only make you feel somewhat in control. Powerspinning is the same, it makes you feel a little bit in control, eventhough you cant control any outcome - just like the button on the traffic lights, or the door button in the elevator.
 Jackpots is even worse, because you are told that if you bet with higher bets, the chance of you winning will be bigger, and people just accept that as a fact, eventhough there is no statistics available to back that claim up. And most of the times, it is someone betting the lowest betsize that is to pick it up anyways. It is all RNG - Random number generators who are deciding who is winning, and who is not.

Take care outthere, and for the OT - I really wish you and your family the best, rest assued that your are NOT alone, and alot of us have tried the same thing. It won't help you in your current situation, but I promise you, there is hope and a way out. Stay strong, and most important - be honest to your loved ones. Face the demon and fight it together !



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@Lunarfredde It might also be worth considering self exclusion from those casinos for which you are not a member to remove any temptation. I hope things work out with your wife.

@fraudmaud I predict any minute now....xxxxxx will show up and copy and paste their standard "don't ever blame the affiliate/streamer/casino" response to this sort of message. It's these feckless addicts who are the problem....don't you know?

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Good that you came clean @Lunarfredde Its the only way to progress, admitting to yourself and sharing it with others. Really hoping for the best, take care.. @Nudgeshuffle I think a lot of us have actually already given our views on it, no need to repeat it over and over right? Not all people agree on everything you know..

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