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Wild Wheel with a great bonus and awesome trigger!!


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@SuperSmask nice supersmask. It does look like a tough trigger to hit.

It reminds me of kingdom of ledgend with having to make up the wheel to get the bonus. Its a novomatic im sure.

Anyway back to your bonus with a ( storvinst ) 1500 trigger. 150 euro straight up. 8 spins,

nice hit with 857 sek, 85 euro,  with the wheel. And a retrigger but just 1 spin. Pity. Added a bit more to the bonus that spin.

Could land on more spins or better im sure if it wanted to.

1051 on the bonus plus your 1500 on the trigger. A very nice win of 2550 sek. About 255 euro.

Good win smask considering you were down to almost your last 200 sek.

Congrats. Good post. And i hope the tide has turned and you go on a hot run.???.

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