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Super mega win on Reactoonz!! Bucketlist Material :)


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@SuperSmask well done supersmask. Its a pleasure to see you posting up a big win. I no the slots have been cold for you lately.

Round about 210 euro balance a good series started.

Implosion into incision, wilds galore, into demolition into a poor alteration, garga hit 13 greens x2 for 500 kr.

Ended up not to bad about 820 kr. 82 euro bonus.

Call that a balance booster because the first one never really took off.

Great to see you hit a win mario. Then boom back to back of the big dude.

It went incision, to demolition, to incision, to incision but that last incision set up the pink dudes. Top symbol.

Mario staring intently on whare garga is going to go.?

He went to a good spot. And done away with 16 pinks for 7500 kr, 750 euro. Nice. Total on that hit 7991.50 kr.

Put that at a nice round 800 euro strike.

And nearly 3 garga's in a row. Filled up 4 tubes or bars and you were 1 alteration away from another big guy entrance. Unlucky mario.

But a good hit on 13 pink dudes during that build up for another 500 kr, 50 euro + a total win of 589 kr. Say 60 euro,

what a run. Beautiful. All in about 9400 kr 940 euro in that little series.

Well done smask. Im pleased for you man. You been out in the cold to long. Back into the winners enclosure.

Super congrats and a very fun video to watch. Frustrating as hell at times reactoonz but when things like that happen its great to watch.

Enjoy your winnings smask???.

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