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Biggest Loss


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My biggest loss in 1 month is about 19000DKK, most of it due to at that time the new White Rabbit, that f*cked me over many times hehe..

My worst loses was a day when I won around 1000Euro, and played it all away that same day on big bets and strange games instead of withdraw.
I do regret it sometimes, but still … you cant always win :)

I have logged all my gaming (Deposits and withdraws) for a long period. and even though its hard, im still ahead vs the casinos, but we all know that the "luckystream" can run out very fast.

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Biggest losses in one sitting were on horses. Slots have never deposited more than £100 in one go but have had a few occasions of building and then ripping a balance. In last 2 weeks turned a £20 balance into a peak of £1997 but “only” cashed out £898 so I guess that would technically be my biggest loss on slots, got greedy wanting to get an even 2k and started losing by trying to bonus games I haven’t played beforehand 

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