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LocrianSlots - BIG BET BIG WIN series part 2


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Hey so i've posted a few videos so far on another thread which i guess will serve as a part one here 

So i guess this will be the part two then. Been releasing a big bet big win video series via my youtube channel here

 feel free to subscribe if you so feel like, but either way i'll repost them here for people to enjoy if they are so inclined :)




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@Bendelonge very nice win and another nice video. Nice retrigger on queens just set it off perfectly.

I was hoping one spin you would hit skulls on the front but they didn't come.

The last spin was a beauty and put on over £2 k's worth of winnings.

Playing £10 spins it came at a good time being down at £55 on your balance. Gates video's are really enjoyable when they take off.

Nice win of £4853. From 10 spins, And 11 wilds. Your series of wins are good. Enjoy your winnings???.

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@Craig smith Ha well funny you mention about wanting the sculls to hit with that set up, the next video is very close to that... well close enough to where i'm happy about it ? yeah the bonus definitely came at the right with being down at £55 and all that :) Cheers and thanks for the kind words :) 



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@Bendelonge yip super video and man what a sweet bonus. With no retrigger this time either.

9's was the number and 3 spins in you had the connection right across which is important. I think that.

Spin 6 is was like they skulls just fell into place. Beautiful placement. They connected with wilds to reel 5 for £3600. Just for the skulls. They are king on DHV.

You hit skulls you get paid. Imagine a connection if a couple had landed on reel 6. Although i think you would have settled for 1. What a payout that would have been.

It was nice to see them drop in and pay a lump. £3805 for that spin alone.

Total bonus paying £5093. That just shows how much that skull hit was worth.

Overall well done, congrats, good video, and enjoy those winnings???

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@Craig smith Hey cheers man, yeah the way that those sculls dropped in was pure magic very deliberate. Felt like the game was placing them very specifically. Yeah anyway was a very nice hit to be fair, felt like it was a very meh bonus up until that point. Yeah in all fairness if there was a stack or even one on the last reel i would have lost my shit ?

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