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Extra Chilli Bonus GLITCH!!? on 23x multiplier


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Hi guys,


Yesterday i played this Extra Chilli Bonus with 16  spins, on the last spin i got 3 chilli pots wich should give me 4 extra spins on 23x (!)

But the extra spins dont add up and the bonus just ends, luckely i made a video of the incident:


What do you guys think?



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@VesterV which casino you were playing at you have to hand all what you have over to them right away vester.

It started to count up your extra spins then went backwards to 0. Get the casino involved, it may take a bit of time before you get a correct answer, but do that and go through all the procedures.

At that level of multiplyer a massive win could have came from those extra spins and maybe not.

Keep calm, and im not sure if they can reset the game for you at that point. Or they could credit your account with a percentage of what they think you may have won.

Its obviously a glitch. Came at a bad time. But you have your evidence and you can only take it a step at a time.

There is also a big time gaming official here at casinogrounds so there is that outlet for private messaging him/her and put your case forward.

The video evidence is thare for all to see. So yes vester go through the procedures and keep calm.

I hope it turns out a very good outcome for you. Good luck.

Craig smith.

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@VesterV hi thare vester. First off all your problem is out in the open on the casinogrounds site., already the post above has mentioned the same thing that the BIG TIME GAMING OFFICIAL could take a look at this. 

The official has the BTG logo in a small circle and its red in colour. With silver BTG letters and silver stars.

Like wee all have a little circle next to our name. You have a light blue V and if you click or press on it, it takes you to your own profile page.

 My circle is a blue circle with C inside it. That is my logo. The big time gaming official has the same, a logo. That is the first point you should look for is to find his logo anywhare on the site.

When you do click on it or press on that logo. It will take you to the BTG officials profile page.

On that page you will see 3 symbols. A tick symbol if you want to follow him on the site,

a ENVELOPE symbol which if you click or press on will take you to a place whare you can construct a message to him. Title the message or letter if you prefer to go into detail and when you are finished hit send.

And when the BTG official picks up your message he will investigate. You will have to tell him who you are, whats happened and direct him to the post you have put up with video evidence. And take things from thare.

Hopefully he can shed some light on whats happened or start an investigation.

The third thing on his profile page is incase he has written anything about himself and you want to see if he has. Kinda like profile status updates and things like that. Alot of the time there is not much thare on profiles.

But you need to click on the ENVELOPE and send him just what i have said.

The best place to find his logo is if you go to EPIC WINS 1000 x and beyond.  click on the ALMOST 18,000 x DANGER WIN BY JUTAN123.

When you open up that thread you will see the win posted. What you do is SCROLL DOWN THE COMMENTS UNTIL YOU COME TO the BTG logo and the words BIG TIME GAMING OFFICIAL in yellow. Thats his post congratulating the win.

Click on his logo or his name in yellow and it will take you to his profile page, then click on the envelope symbol which should take you to a place whare you can put a heading and construct your message.

It will be out in the open and theres people like SKYLINED87 on the site who is an administrator who is a very clever man. And theres other ways depending on what casino you are with,

Stay calm vester and take it a stage at a time. I hope you get things moving and get a good positive result out of the situation. Sorry for the long comment thats just me.. Good luck. 

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This happened twice with me yesterday my friend.

Both times it happened the trigger rolled in with H,O,T +4 +4. Is that how you triggered it.

It just ends the bonus straight away and does not even give me the money i won at that point and game is trapped in limbo.

It happened to me on casimba and pokerstars casino.

Now pokerstars have said to me that there vendor for this game not sure if they mean (BTG) have asked them not to remove interrupted games until they look at it.

So a part of me thinks they know somethings up.

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22 minutes ago, burhan.k said:

Heres the other, if someone could please show me how to upload a video, I do my recordings with OBS but these topic threads dont except that format.


Hello Burhan, i do not no how to upload video's onto a thread. Or i would post a comment talking you through it a step at a time. Sorry about that.

Options for you, you could private message skylined87, he is an administrator and a very smart man, there is another administrator but i cannot remember his name.

There is nicola and the_68. They are both moderators on the site. Those 3 are an option to private message.

You could post a thread with the heading can someone please help me in how to upload a video and write a thread asking for help. Also the exact breakdown of the help you need.

I think you have already asked that in a thread. If my memory serves me right.

As i say burhan i would talk you through it but i havent a clue how to do it. I used to just upload pictures from my gallery onto a thread when i was playing slots more when i first joined the site.

I hope someone picks up on what you are asking because i think you need someone to outline the stages of how to up load a video.

The only way i can think of burhan is upload your video to youtube if you have a youtube account. And then upload the youtube video onto your winning thread.

Because all the video's that are uploaded are from youtube im sure of it. So first step is have it uploaded to youtube.

Thats as far as i can go on what to do. There probably is sizing issues and all what comes with it.  Once you do it once your away. You no what to do.

My advice is have your video uploaded to youtube and have it sitting thare in your youtube account ready to go.

Things are coming to mind here as i write. On numerous occasions i have went into a post of a win and clicked on a link to the video of the win, it takes me to youtube and the video plays out and when its finished i come back to the post/thread and comment.

So even if you had your win video uploaded to youtube you could post the link in your post/thread here on casinogrounds and people could click on it to see your win.

That could be a start while you find out how to upload that video to the site. Thats the best i can come up with burhan. Im not technically gifted but no basics.

I hope something just clicks for you and you get it done. But feel free to ask for help and the kind of help you need.

You need a little bit of in depth breakdown on how to upload your win video to your thread/post. Good luck. 

Sorry for long comment.

Craig smith.

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@burhan.k congrats burhan in getting your video uploaded. It worked fine. I have watched your extra chilli base game hit and left comment on that thread./post.

Im really happy that it all worked out the up loading. I can see in this video the same problem with the glitch with the extra spins being taken off.

Can even see the - symbol counting it down to zero. Like the other post vesterV.  There must be a problem that BTG will have to fix with extra chilli on retriggers.

I dropped a heart on your video above not for loosing the extra spins but for you finally being able to upload your video's. Good for you burhan. Got thare in the end.

And your welcome for the help. It was just things that was starting to come to mind as i was texting and i added them in. ???.

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well i had it happen twice and both times it rolled in 16 spins and both times on last spin the retrigger of DOOM happened.

On one i hit over $100 for $30 buy with 4 spins to go, That was on pokerstars.

When i approached pokerstars they told me that they have been told by the vendor to not cancel any unfinished extra chilli games.... Its like they know its faulty.

They should remove if so.

I noticed that when i was retriggering and was not on last spin that the counter was still counting down.

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