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Dead Or Alive 4612x Win


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I absolutely hate it when my balance isn't a round number at the end of my gambling session... So with a balance a bit higher than 150 euro's i decided to do some 0,09 cent spins on DOA. 

After some spins this bonus came in.. shame of the small bet,  but i shouldn't complain about this beauty.

One pic is to show how fast the wild line came in, and the other one is the result. ?

20180522_203848 (1).jpg


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@kelvinvdv96 super congrats kelvin on hitting a wildline. One of the things on most slot players to do list is hit a wildline on D.O.A.

One of the lowest stakes i have commented on but that dosent make any difference because it paid a whopping £415.08 p.

That just shows how volatile dead or alive is. Its on the classic list for slots.

For me anyway. And i think quite a few people agree. Its been around a long time and it still pays huge wins.

On a 9 p stake when you look at it its some hit. Really giving your balance a boost.

6 spins left in the bonus and thare it sits. Plus your extra 5 spins after the bonus, so 11 spins to go with the wildline already in place. Sweet, very sweet.

Well done kelvin and thanks for posting it up and sharing it with us here at CG. Enjoy your winnings.???. It may not have rounded your balance off but it was right through the middle.?. Enjoy.

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