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Couple of Nice Bonanza hits


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@BoracicLint well done boracic, the bonanza quest continues my friend.. Also bonanza is a hot slot at the moment. I have commented on quite a few good wins.

Your 1 st win is a beauty on generally your usual 60 p stake, a win of £235.77. Also at a good time because you were round about £18 left. I will take a guess at you getting to x17-x18 on the multiplyer.

Your 2 nd win a good win and wee have to consider your stake in this. At 60 p. A good bonus of £157.41. I will take a stab at you reached x14 on the multiplyer.

Your bonuses generally are ok on bonanza. You are in a kind of range with your wins. I comment on most and i still believe that massive win is still in thare for you.

I think you need a +5 or two +5's to start with or a retrigger in the mine.it helps so much. And i think that day will happen eventually for you.

Although that dosent guarentee you a huge bonus but helps. All it takes is 1 majical connection with red gems or diamonds at say x10-x12 and its massive. 

Overall good to see your winning boracic and you enjoy those winnings.???. Its good that you post them all up.?

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