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[Forum Rules & Guidelines] Read this first!

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Welcome to CasinoGrounds Forums!

The forums are intended to be a welcoming and friendly place where our members can discuss various topics related to online casinos, casino streaming, casino bonuses and offers, and casino in general. The intention with CasinoGrounds forums is to keep the moderation at a low level and let our members freely discuss with each other. However, a few basic rules have been put in place that all our members need to adhere to:

1. Post in the correct forum and avoid duplicate threads

Moving/merging/deleting threads is a tedious task. Please, before you post a new topic, ensure that it is:

* within the scope of the subforum that you post in
* not already being discussed elsewhere (do a quick scan for recent threads and/or use the search function)
* titled so that readers easily understand what the thread is about before clicking in

Not adhering to this rule may lead to your topics being deleted without notice. Several infractions or obvious trolling will also lead to your account being banned.

2. Keep your posts relevant and respectful

* No trolling
* Racist/homophobic/sexist posts are prohibited
* Do not insult/threaten/attack other members of the forums.
* Support your statements with proper sources (links, quotes etc)

It is ok to criticize, but keep it constructive and with respect.

Violation of this rule will lead to your posts being deleted without notice. The first infraction will lead to a warning, the second to your account being banned.

3. No spamming

Do not advertise, or link to a property with the intention of promoting it, without first getting consent from the admins/moderators (contact them via PM). Do not post the same thing twice.

Violation of this rule will lead to your posts being deleted without notice. The first infraction may lead to a warning or ban, the second will certainly lead to your account being banned.

4. Use common sense (!!)

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