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Danger Danger 596X no retriger in bonus


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@WarKittehn very nice win and an enjoyable video aswel. Danger high voltage is hot at the moment.

Some big wins coming out the game/slot. Playing a 0.60 euro stake came at a good time warkittehn because your balance was at 25 euro left.

Gates and you got 9's. Beautiful 1 st spin dropping 4 in connecting you right across. It was set up for a retrigger but unfortunately it didnt come as you have mentioned in the title.

And what a last spin throwing in three 9's for a very nice last spin payout. Overall bonus paying 358 euro's.

11 wilds you had with no retrigger. Man a retrigger would have been sweet.

But A pretty good bonus for 0.60 euro stake and well needed. Good post and enjoy your winnings???.

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