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I finally got the dream win! 100k€ hit from Bonanza!


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@Daskelelele incredible win daskelelele, what an insane hit on those red gems. X15 multiplyer. Lots of numbers. Oh my.!. 

Im kinda speechless for an in depth comment. Thankyou BTG for providing such volatile slots.

After seeing and commenting on an unbelievable 16 wilds on gates on DHV i see this.

104,000 euro's win on 12 spins on bonanza.. Super duper congratulations and it was a pleasure watching you win it. 

Life changing. Enjoy and thanks for sharing the win video with us all.?????.

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Becoming a Swedish millionaire at the very last spin of the bonus, not too shabby! :D

But may I ask, do you have any zoomed out video/screenshot or anything else to prove this is legit? Perhaps you could screenshot the withdraw?
It kind of needs this confirmation imo, as it's pretty easy to fake BTG big wins.

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On 21/05/2018 at 09:22, Daskelelele said:

After endless hours on the game i truly love and think have the greatest potential of all slots i finally did it! I won 104,000€ in 1 bonus game, Enjoy all! 


Follow me on Twitch here: Twitch.tv/daskelelele

Graaaattis! Vunnit stora summor också. Ta en paus från spelet och njut . Jag föll tillbaka tyvärr efter flera månader så håll hårt i pengarna!! ?

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