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Tonights wins, €12k cashout


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Hey guys.

€100 deposit a couple of hours ago ended in €12000 cashout, here are the wins, most of them are kinda degen spins.

Started off with a nice 5x bonus with sticky wilds on Monopoly, then on to Mega Joker where I hit €2000 followed by €1000 in a few minutes time. A couple of degen spins on Rhino landed me €1633 bonus hit and €1820 line hit in normal game.

Last game was Monty where I hit a 100 free spin in total with 40 re-triggers on 10x. Could've been more but I'm happy with 435x on €12 spin.











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3 minutes ago, happyspindoctor said:

So happy for you.

A 100 deposit turned into 10K is like one 100 EUR spin 100x. Thats so awesome and very unlikely to happen again.

Big congrats! Do somethinf nice with the money. Do not chase having that luck again. It will nearly always end in a bust.

Last saturday I cashed out €9000, but including this win I doubt it will go any better if I keep going. I'm gonna do my best to maintain some kind of "cool off" period, but we all know how hard it is.


And thank you :)

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It is damn hard...

I had cashouts of 8K, 15K and several times ~2-3K. Meanwhile i only loose big all the time. Nearly impossible to win big for me. But i also changed my betting patterns and rarely go degenerate. But thats the only way that brings you to super big wins.

To spin on 0,50-2,50 just kills you slowely. Better to go degenerate and big or bust after some minutes.

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