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almost 18.000x on danger


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@jutan123 wow! Oh my. Beautiful picture and i think one of the best pictures and bonus i have ever seen in slots.

I have been a gambler for 20 years. Not as much now but jeeeso thats some hit. Super duper congratulations jutan. It just lights up the screen like a beacon of light.

On a 2 nok stake, hitting 4 retriggers for a total of 19 spins as cabzla said the dream has happened. Total payout 35,654.70 nok.

Your balance before this bonus was 292.90 nok. It's somehow tiny compared to the payout. It tells me that this can actually happen on DHV.

And this comes after i commented yesterday on a DHV win with 13 wilds init. I said that was the biggest and most wilds i have ever seen.

Well now its this. It cant get any better unless they add another reel on. 4×4 square of 16 wilds.

Wonderful to see jutan and thankyou for sharing this with us. Great post and enjoy your winnings.????.

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